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On: 02-Jul-2009

Puzzle Quest: Galatrix

Pub: D3 Publisher

Dev: Infinite Interactive

Puzzle Quest: Galatrix Reviewed

How can such a simple premise be so addictive?
Some of the most additive games of all time have such a simple concept. Titles such as Peggle and Bejewelled are so easy to pick up and play that hours can go by with out the player even realising it. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is one of these titles that falls in to the category of being so insanely addictive that your life will soon go by in a haze of pretty coloured gems.

The games' premise is extremely simple. You take on the role of a rogue pilot who is scouring the galaxy searching for clues to unlock an intergalactic mystery. The story is simple but helps add some very basic RPG elements to what is primarily a puzzle game.

Your options at the start of the game are limited to male and female characters which does at first seem a little limited. Once you have completed a few basic tutorials however the options come thick and fast and you will soon have plenty of weapons and items that you can use to customise your ship with.

Eventually you can buy extra ships to add to your fleet. This adds extra dimensions and strategies, as you can own three ships at one time but you can only take one of them into battle. So choosing the right ship for the mission is an integral decision that could mean the difference between success and failure.

Anyone who has played a Bejewelled like game will find themselves in familiar territory. You must match up lines of three or more of the same jewels to remove them from the field and depending on the colour of them they will damage the enemy ship, replenish your shields, give you intelligence, or charge you’re various weapons that you have equipped.

Unlike Bejewelled though the game board is hexagonal which of course means that pieces can be moved in six different directions rather than the more usual four in games of this ilk. This makes the puzzles a lot more difficult but even more satisfying when you are successful. It also makes predicting where pieces will fall a lot more difficult, making matches a lot more random which at times this can lead to a little frustration.

Despite these rare moments you will still find yourself left with the feeling that you need to have just one more go! This is the key to why this game is as addictive as it just sucks you in. With hundreds of missions to play as well it is easily one of the biggest arcade games released so far, offering plenty of hours for your money.

Though 1,600 marketplace points may seem a little steep for what is a basic matching game, you do get a title with plenty of depth thanks to the RPG elements as well as the hundreds of missions for the player to complete, so this title will last you a long time to come.

Not only that but it just sucks you in so easily that you will soon be going to bed in the early hours wondering where the time went!