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On: 15-Oct-2009

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Pub: Konami



PES 10 Reviewed

The say class is permanent and form is only temporary. Is this the case with the PES series?
The battle between Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA is as hotly contested as big derby matches such as Liverpool vs. Manchester United and Barcelona vs. Real Madrid. Passions run high on both sides and over the past few years this rivalry has really highlighted how the mighty can soon struggle for form. Once PES decimated the opposition but over the last few seasons FIFA has slowly strengthened its overall quality and now sits on top of the pile. Can this year see a turn around in fortunes once again though?

The usual game modes are once again available with nothing new added from last year’s version. Which is not really a problem as with exhibition, master league, become a legend, league or cup as well as online modes there really is nothing more too add. This time around though the master league has seen a whole host of improvements made to it.

To start with you now have real cash to handle rather than the rather silly points that have been staple for so long. You can now budget different members of staff which will help you improve your team training as well as how good your scout it. Your scout is the other big addition to the master league mode. He will handle all your negotiations as well as scout any players that you are interested in.

This helps give you a better and more lifelike experience as he will report on if a deal is possible and will take a few weeks to get more detailed reports to you as well as negotiating the ins and outs of potential deals. Training is now more realistic with players getting a small boost to their stats each week even if they do not play while regular team members will improve at a much better rate.

This time round you also no longer have to get promoted from the start of your master league so if you start a game as Real Madrid you will start off in the Primera Division like you should do. If you play as a team that last season qualified for Europe then you will also be entered into that competition as well. This time round the Champions League and the Europe League are both included into the master league rather than just being a tacked on extra.

All these changes help round out the single player experience and help immerse the player in a mode that has always been like crack to PES players. However the game still does suffer from the same problems it always has when it comes to licensing and while many PES players don’t mind this, it is slightly disjointed when you are playing in the Champions League final against the mighty North London Reds (Arsenal).

It does really ruin the atmosphere and while the edit mode is as great as always it would be nice if they could have got the licences for all the teams that qualified for this seasons European competitions.

Even with this slightly jarring problem you can easily rack up plenty of hours building your dream team in the master league. Though if you get bored of this the Become A Legend mode also makes a return. This mode is pretty much the same as last years incarnation and still pips FIFA’s similar mode due to it allowing you to play through an entire career as your created pro.

Once you get out on the field it the game really has took a giant leap from a graphical stand point. It finally looks like a game from this generation rather than a slightly high resolution version off the last generation versions. Player likeness have come on leaps and bounds and nearly all of the high profile players look exactly like there real life counterparts.

Konami have also added a few new animations into the mix as well though at times the animation still looks a little bit off and there is no individuality between players. The audio still lets the side down with the commentary being mostly recycled from last years version with only a few new lines added. There is still a lot of repetition to it as well, and after a while it can start to grate a little.

So while the graphics have had a complete overhaul the actual gameplay sadly hasn’t. Last year FIFA really did play a better more realistic game. While PES played a much quicker and more arcade game, and once again this year it is the same. This isn’t to say that PES plays a bad game of football just that for anyone looking for realism then they really are looking in the wrong place.

If you want a title that will see you scoring some fantastic 30 yard belters as well as some extremely quick passing moves that would make Arsenal’s passing game look rather slow and laborious then you will love PES’s gameplay. It really does boil down to what you want from your football title. PES plays a great game even though it has moved away from its more sim like roots.

Another new feature that has been added is the community option. Here you can up to 32 players join your community and create various leagues or tournaments to compete in. This a great addition but unfortunately we could not test hw well this works as the online portion of the game is currently unavailable.

PES is a fun title and with the more fleshed out master league and superb Become a Legend mode there is hours upon hours of single player gameplay to be had. If you want a simplistic fun arcade football title then this is easily the game for you. However if you want a more realistic title then you may want to look else where.