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By: Mark Lawson

On: 09-Mar-2011


Expansion Pack 56

Winning Tigerblood!
Welcome to the BXB Expansion Pack Podcast with Jasper "Spiiike" Kashap, Mark "Born2beSlicker" Lawson and Arnold "DogeyedBoy" Cook. The podcast that focuses on Xbox news, what we've been playing and seen as downloadable content for the BXB community. This week we talk about GDC week:

Charlie Sheen
GTA 5 rumours
GTA vs Red Dead
Saints Row: The Third
Xbox 3 starting development?
Mirror's Edge 2 comments
Yu Suzuki talks Shenmue 3
Mortal Kombat 9
Batman: Arkham City

As always, feel free to post your comments or questions you have for the crew in the forums, and we'll maybe read your questions on air. Also don't forget to rate us on iTunes and follow us on Twitter.

download (75.61Mb)